Pushing through the pain

Nov 16 2010 Published by under Miscellaneous work stuff, Rant

I’ve been suffering through dealing with some unbelievably horrible and unfortunately very unbloggable shit recently which is why I haven’t been ranting as much as usual here. The stress from this hellish experience has been sucking my lifeforce away and I am close to being nothing but a near-empty shell. A shell that still eats far too much chocolate and has well and truly fallen off the Doritos wagon but a near-empty shell nonetheless.

But I’ve also been the recipient of some nice things recently that are unfortunately also unbloggable. No, I haven’t gotten a goddamned grant yet. Sigh. Should hear any day now about the five grants I have pending. Just need one of them. Just one. I sacrificed a chicken to the funding gods and everything. Surely that should work. Someone told me that it was ok if I ate the chicken after the sacrifice was finished. It was delicious. Hopefully the funding gods won't mind.

In the meantime, I’m gearing up to take a vacation next week to Somewhere That Is Not Here. Which will be nice. Looking forward to getting away from the unbelievably horrible and very unbloggable shit for a while. I haven’t killed anyone so I think I deserve a break right now. Hoping to return to even more of the nice but also unbloggable stuff.

Hmmmm ... maybe it's time to sacrifice another chicken. One can never appease the fundings gods too much.

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  • Hermitage says:

    I extend a dorito-dust covered hug into cyberspace. And shall cross my fingers for your grants. Can chicken sacrificing be retroactive? Because I've totally done in two chickens in the last week that were also very delicious.

  • Gary says:

    I'm pretty sure it's ok to eat the chicken, but if I remember correctly, you're also supposed to give a portion of it to your designated holy man.

  • scicurious says:

    Screw the chicken, you need a goat for a truly rough situation. Also, will feed you for weeks if frozen!

  • jc says:

    Maybe you need to sacrifice a bag of Doritos? Chicken is, well, for the birds.

  • proflikesubstance says:

    mmmmm, sacrificial feast....

  • chall says:

    Soirry to hear about bad things. Hope they get better very soon! And glad that there are some happy news in the mix too. Vacation sounds awesome!! I hope you get some rest and fun times - not thinking about stuff that annoys you.

    Doritos ftw!! :)

  • I'm so sorry that you're going through some ugly shit. Fingers crossed that it works out for you. Glad you're getting a well deserved vacation.

  • tim says:

    can you sacrifice some farm animals for the marie curie gods too please?

    by the way, if stuff is unbloggable, don't blog about it... i would like to guess, but that would get too offensive even for a jerk like me. Can i venture a few guesses for the positive unbloggable news though?

    1. your in-laws cancelled a 3 week stay at your already cramped house
    2. you finished your nobel-prize acceptance speech
    3. you won the lottery (no wait that would mean a grant)