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Is the semester over yet?

Where the hell is spring break?

Where the hell did my life go?

When is the pain going to stop?

Why do people assume that when my door is shut that's just my way of saying "hey, come in on"?

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  • Joseph says:

    "Why do people assume that when my door is shut that’s just my way of saying “hey, come in on”?"

    It is a mystery. It's like when they see me eating lunch at my desk and presume that the only reason for that is that I am bored and want to chat.

  • Silver Fox says:

    1) No
    2) Went missing
    3) Life?
    4) Tomorrow
    5) This is one of life's deepest mysteries.

  • chall says:

    "Where the hell did my life go?"

    When you find out, please let me know... it's already March and I was just getting used to writing January 2011. Before I know it, it's going to be June and then Christmas is just around the corner.... again...

  • JaneB says:

    1) No, sadly.
    2) Spring Break? Oh, do you mean that week when instead of having classes one deals with hysterical honours project students who have just realised that their work is due in after the break? Or the week into which one has offloaded all one's urgent research and service duties, and it's now so packed with things it could be a month and still not be long enough?
    3) Wot this life thing? Should it have come free in a bag of Doritos?
    4) Probably when you stop. Very annoying that one!
    5) because that is in the How To Be An Annoying Person manual that gets issued to some folks.

  • Dr. O says:

    "Why do people assume that when my door is shut that’s just my way of saying “hey, come in on”?"

    It's these damn kids learning that, metaphorically, no doors would be closed to them - taking that lesson a little too literally.

  • antipodean says:

    A closed door doesn't say 'Leave me Alone, Go Away!'. A sign on a closed door saying "Leave me Alone, Go Away!' on the other hand...

  • Dr. Cynicism says:

    1) It is if you give a final exam and tell everyone not to come back.

    2) C'mon, Spring "Break" is never really a break. If it were, it would last 5 weeks and take place in St. Lucia.

    3) You're a professor in training, you don't have one my friend.

    4) This is all about perspective. It never truly stops, you just get better at managing it - or you don't. Either way.

    5) Similar to #3, you're a professor in training, you don't have things like "alone" time or "don't bother me" time.

    Isn't our profession fun!!!

  • Juniper Shoemaker says:

    1) Sadly, no.
    2) Next week. Oh, wait. You don't work here. That's okay. I'll still be in the lab, too.

    I dropped by to say that today has been a shitty day. However, I am currently applying your favorite solution: Doritos. In the part of the library where I'm allowed to eat them. And, now, I must return to cramming.

  • Eli Rabett says:

    All time best door sign

    The leach's kiss
    The squid's embrace
    The purient ape's defiling touch
    And do you like the human race
    No, not much


  • pezibc says:

    Given your complaint list, and the attitude that probably comes with it, they may be worried that you are about to jump out the window.