Things I learned at EB 2011

Apr 15 2011 Published by under Miscellaneous work stuff

1. Taking sunscreen to DC was wishful thinking.

2. Taking a hat to DC was very wishful thinking.

3. Some of my Scientopian buddies are most excellent fun. Especially this one, and this one and this one.

4. It's ok to tell little white lies to your students if nobody dies as a result.

5. Catching up with friends to talk about stuff science is somewhat akin to a small vacation.

6. A long and winding journey home can easily wipe out any beneficial effect of the vacation scientific meeting.

7. Chatting to, arguing with, and getting frank and honest feedback from Postdoc Mentor makes me appreciate him even more.

In addition to the vendor schwag, I left the meeting with what is pictured below. Special thanks go to those involved. Here’s hoping they didn’t get arrested or billed for the damage done to their hotel room while preparing this most precious gift.

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  • BikeMonkey says:

    They bronzed a Doritos bag? Isn't that sacriligious?

  • K says:

    This was my first conference ever.

    I learned to read the table of contents of any free journal copy before getting it, to GET EVERY PEN THEY HAVE, to take the free briefcase if you haven't brought one already, to sit on my ass every few hours just because my back will hurt, and that exhibitors will try to sell anything to anyone.

    I'm an undergrad and some guy tried to sell me a homogenizer, even after I told him I was an undergrad and I'm not even presently in a lab. I suppose they're desperate for sales, but I can't even remember the company name.

    There was also the guy who spieled at me for half an hour about a surgery camera, except he actually let me try the thing on the ripped-open stuffed mouse full of beads, which was fun.

    Also, exhibitors really need to provide post-it swag. I went apeshit with joy after some company was giving out post-its so I could stick them on posters.

  • chall says:

    Awesome bag! That's for the keepsake :)

    Sounds like it was a good time, even if the journey home was longer than wanted...

  • AWESOME trophy. I hope to see it in a photo with some farm animals soon.

  • brooksPhD says:

    haha wicked cool!

  • pezibc says:

    "It's ok to tell little white lies to your students if nobody dies as a result."

    That's how it starts . . .